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Transform the way you navigate business growth.

Rapid capture 

Growth Velocity Diagnostics works by having either an individual or key members of your team complete an online self-assessment that can be completed in 20 minutes. The assessment asks focused questions across key areas of your business to identify any constraints or inhibitors impacting your growth. 

Instant insights

Diagnostics reduces the ambiguity and the time required for you to analyse and diagnose the root cause of blockers to business growth. And, you get your report within seconds of completion of the assessment. 

Our proprietary assessment and benchmarking algorithm leverages data from over 1,500 private B2B startups to provide your specific baseline characteristics.

In our most popular plans, the Diagnostics report suggests tailored actions across the 8 business perspectives to ignite and accelerate your growth.

Sustained growth

Track your Growth Velocity improvements over time with Diagnostics taken before and after change initiatives, or more frequently, to ensure that you are navigating growth on the fastest trajectory that won't burn you out or burn you up. 

Break through Growth Barriers

Use proven growth strategies

Growth Velocity Diagnostics uses a balanced scorecard approach and incorporates popular and proven growth strategies for B2B  technology companies in the 8 business areas it examines, 28 sub-categories and 168 maturity level descriptions. 

The recommended actions for improvement have been developed with a growth-focus emphasis evangelised by technology business gurus and adapted to the current B2B SaaS go-to-market climate.

Diagnostic's outputs are designed so that you can adapt them to your specific situation and put them in play quickly.

Engage your team

Comparing your baseline against benchmarks and invites dialogue, deeper analysis, and collaborative problem solving from your team across all business functions. Using the suggested actions for improvement as a starting point curtails debate on what to do in favour of developing approaches on how to implement necessary changes. 

And with Hyperdrive, our executive version for the whole leadership team, you'll discover the level of harmony or discord within your team for each category question. With that sentiment visible, as a team you'll be able to develop actions and plans to amplify areas where you all agree and resolve areas where you've got tension.

Accelerate your startup

Our Growth Velocity Diagnostics (GVD) assessment is comprised of two parts and 70 multiple choice and short answer questions.

Part 1 benchmarks your startup with industry, market, and business performance information collected in just over 40 questions. This comprehensive portion of the assessment assembles your company profile covering items such as your Target Customer(s) industries, your innovation type, the business function that your product serves, number of active founders, founder investment, external investment(s), and ARR, NRR, GRR, YoY growth, etc., to name a few.  

Part 2 scores your readiness for sustained accelerated growth across 8 business perspectives to provide a balanced assessment of your startup. Each of the 8 perspective scores rolls-up the non-weighted average of its category questions for that perspective. Your overall maturity assessment score is your ThinkGo Growth Velocity Rating (GVR) and the fingerprint graph of your perspective scores is your ThinkGo Growth Velocity Profile (GVP).

Startups that measure their GVR and GVP periodically will compile a history of their improvements over time. The history of levelling up shown alongside performance measures and KPIs such as revenue growth, customer satisfaction, retention revenue, etc. has proven to be an incredibly valuable asset when attracting angel or VC funds with fair terms and realistic growth expectations.

Growth Velocity Diagnostics leverages proven business design, product and service development, and niche market and lean business methods from gurus including:

  • Geoffrey Moore and the Chasm Group (Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, Zone to Win)

  • Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur and the Strategyzer team (Business Model Design, Value Proposition Canvas, The Invincible Company)

  • Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne (Blue Ocean Strategy)

  • Dan Pink (Drive), Eric Ries (Lean Startup), Peter Theil (Zero to One), Marty Cagan (Inspired), Verne Harnish and the team at Scaling Up (Scaling Up)

  • Robert Kaplan and David Norton, James Heskett, Earl Sasser, Jr., and Leonard Schlesinger (Balanced Scorecard)

  • and many others

The Diagnostics’ benchmarks and anecdotal data has been provided courtesy of:

ThinkGo has translated the leading B2B business growth strategies into a business execution solution for startup leaders that is easy to learn and use from the start.

ThinkGo helps entrepreneurs and their investors pioneer ideas that work. Our team are united in our mission to increase the startup success rate and help our clients gain and maintain sustainable accelerated growth.

With a 90% failure rate, the odds are stacked against startup’s and scale-ups being able to bring to light their innovation and value to market. Common reasons for the failure rate are lack of product-market fit (34%) and business competencies not up to par with what startups and scale-ups need to grow (58% - team problems, marketing problems, finance problems, and operations problems). 

And, capital is extremely scarce to fuel the startups’ growth. From the venture funding high in 2021, there has been a 32-38% year-on-year reduction on venture funding through to 2023. Last year, venture investments dropped to a 5 year low at $285b. As a result, institutional investors are both more selective and committed to support their startups precisely where they need that support. 

Our Boost solution helps our startup clients transform the way they accelerate business growth by stimulating incremental improvement in their business competencies, providing situational awareness through advanced business telemetry, and enabling better strategy execution with automated business navigational aids.  The first product commercially available from Boost is Growth Velocity Diagnostics.  Our most successful clients enjoy faster acceleration when they use Diagnostics to engage with their investors who support and guide them on their business growth trajectory.

ThinkGo's Growth Velocity Diagnostics is designed to encourage dialogue, appropriate engagement and governance between the startup and its investors. Diagnostics does this by baselining and benchmarking a startup’s accelerated growth readiness with comparable technology-based startups and scale-ups. Then, it spotlights areas to improve upon to accelerate adoption of the startup’s products and services by their Target Customers. With some plans, a list of tailored actions are suggested as a starting point for improving business competencies to propel faster product adoption and better retention. By updating the Growth Velocity Diagnostics periodically over time, the iterative reports will show incremental improvements in the company. Visible signs of progress paired to increased revenue and customer growth bolsters confidence in the business by its team and its investors. A confident business has a better chance at winning the startup game than one which is plagued by a contagious gloomy sentiment. 

Can I change my answers after completing the Diagnostics?

Yes, you can. Please get in touch with our customer success team at [email protected] and we’ll re-open your assessment so that you can modify it as you need. Once that’s done, we’ll lock in your scores and look forward to those improving when you retake the assessment in your next iteration.

Will I be able to update my Diagnostics after we level up?

Yes, absolutely that is how we’ve designed our software. We expect that you’ll want to track progress improvements periodically. All plans are automatically set up for you to update your Growth Velocity Diagnostics monthly at a minimum.

What information about my company do I need to complete the assessment?

You won’t need any special information to complete the business competency questions.

You will need to have handy the following information to complete the company profile section (approximations are OK).

  • Image (.jpg or .png) of your logo

  • # of employees and employee turnover rate

  • Start year

  • # of founders with the business and their experience in launching startups

  • Company’s value proposition and mission

  • Industry classification for your business (high level)

  • Your top 3 market segments

  • Funding rounds, if applicable

  • External investment attracted, if applicable

  • Average Annual Contract Value (or equivalent)

  • Revenue growth, year on year

  • Approximate profit margin

  • Monthly recurring revenue (or equivalent)

  • Annual recurring revenue (or equivalent) for the last 12 months

  • Net revenue retention (NRR) (or equivalent) and change in the last period

  • Gross revenue retention (GRR) (or equivalent) and change in the last period

What are the different roles for completing our GVD assessment?







  • Purchases the Diagnostics plan

  • May be the same as Diagnostics Lead for Hyperdrive

Diagnostics Lead
(Ignition & Nitro)

  • The same as Purchaser

  • Completes the Diagnostics assessment

  • Receives the Diagnostics report

Diagnostics Lead

  • May be the same as Purchaser

  • Invites Hyperdrive Members to the assessment through the platform in 3 role types, Diagnostics Lead (themselves), Members, and External Invitee

  • Completes the Business Profile and Performance Sections, Part 1, unless they delegate this to a Member

  • Completes the Business Perspectives Sections, Part 2

  • Receives the consolidated Diagnostics Report for the cohort and each iteration


  • Completes Business Perspectives Sections, Part 2

  • May complete the Business Profile and Performance Sections, Part 1, if delegated

External Invitee 

  • Completes Business Perspectives Sections, Part 2

Are ThinkGo benchmarks in my country?

For now, benchmarks are based on US based companies and in USD. However, our observations are that for smaller SaaS businesses under $20m, currency denomination isn’t the dominant feature influencing business performance and maturity as compared with other factors.

However, we will apply currency denomination to our benchmarks when they become available for customers operating in markets where this feature is more impactful to their business.

How secure is ThinkGo?

Our Security Framework consists of standards and practices that form a multi-tiered approach to safeguarding data integrity, confidentiality, infrastructure, and network stability. Our partners upon which the platform runs embed best practices for industry compliance through internal processes and conduct regular audits to maintain the most up-to-date security practices and protocols. You can read more about the robust security in the Annex 3, Sub-processors section of our Data Processing Agreement.

Is my data safe?

At ThinkGo, we are data driven, data is at the very core of our products.

  • Your qualitative and quantitative information of your business is required to be able to baseline and benchmark your business and its competencies and readiness for accelerated growth

  • Data is the basis of how we create value for our customers, through the insights you get from Growth Velocity Diagnostics

  • Tracking your performance improvements is mission critical for us to achieve our purpose in breaking that 90% startup fail rate

  • Data is the main source of improvement for our products

Therefore, we take the respect and protection of your data privacy and security very seriously. For these reasons, there are few important points concerning privacy and security that we would like to let you know:

  • ThinkGo doesn’t share or sell company-identifiable financial or descriptive information to third parties. We may share this type of information exclusively through aggregation and anonymisation techniques, which prevent the information from being associated or identified with any one account, company, or individual. This information may be used for a wide variety of statistical and analytical purposes.

  • We safely store data in our systems in AWS’s cloud centre in Canada.

  • We maintain and process information in compliance with the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020 and GDPR.

You can read more information about data safeguards and use in our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement.

I need more answers, who can I contact?

If you’re shopping around, we recommend exploring our site a bit, especially the viewable sample reports — you’ll find information about why to choose us, our methodology, and more. 

If you need to get in touch with our team, you can always do so via email at [email protected] or by using our contact form.  

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