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With a 90% failure rate, the odds are stacked against tech startups. And capital to fuel startups' growth is scarce - global venture funding has been decreasing 32-38% year on year since 2021, down to $285b in 2023 - the lowest since 2018. In the last year, investors are tending to award funding to companies who show profitability over raw growth and hype. 

Startups demand their leaders' energy in "everything, everywhere, all at once" to grow. It's really tough to know which area to pour your energy into, when to do it and how much. To help you figure this out you'll need a fast, objective, outside-in review of your organisation end-to-end. And, then you'll want to gauge how your business is going against benchmarks from comparable startups, and get recommendations on what to do and how much energy to put there. With these insights, you can decide a company wide action plan to hit your growth milestones without burning out or burning up.  

This is exactly why we launched Growth Velocity Diagnostics, our first product in our business growth software suite for B2B tech startups.

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ThinkGo's Growth Velocity Diagnostics baselines and benchmarks your startup's readiness for accelerated growth with comparable technology-based startups and scale-ups, suggests actions to do better, and tracks your business competency improvements.

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"Datagems was subscribing to and paying for Facebook ads and leads but ThinkGo's business growth software showed me that that's not where my Target Customer niche market was. So, I stopped the ads and redirected my marketing efforts to curate an audience in my niche who was responsive to my messaging and CTAs." - Scott Elliot, CEO / Founder

"The 40+ topical knowledge sharing videos (with 7m views) designed, developed and produced by Devin from ThinkGo helped increase MQLs immensely and close our subscription sales", Jason Westland, founder and former CEO of