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We help entrepreneurs pioneer ideas that work.

Accelerate Your B2B Startup with Expert Analysis and Tailored Strategies

ThinkGo offers a unique, AI-assisted business growth solutions geared particularly for B2B tech start-ups.
Our decades of industry marketing experience, combined with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, can kickstart
the adoption of your products and services within
your targeted market.

Identify What’s Slowing
Your Business Growth

It's essential to understand the factors constraining your organisation's potential. ThinkGo's expertise in business engineering design consulting utilises generative artificial intelligence to assist our experienced consultants in diagnosing the root cause of your issues. We then provide you with effective plans to overcome these barriers and expedite growth.

Implement Effective Solutions

Quickly identifying your growth issues is only half the story. Once we've diagnosed your problems, ThinkGo uses a hypothesis-driven, design thinking, and prototyping approach to increase the success rate of your business plans' execution. This approach is what sets us apart from traditional business analysis and management consulting methods, offering a more targeted and effective solution.

Guided Success with ThinkGo

ThinkGo is with your B2B startup every step of the journey. From identifying growth barriers to implementing solutions and strategies for product and service adoption, we're committed to guiding your enterprise towards its full potential. Begin your journey to accelerated growth with ThinkGo today.

Our Services

Tailored Packages

Fast Reviews:

  • Competitive Market Review

  • Messaging / Positioning Review

  • External Market Review

  • Target Customer Review

  • Product-Market Fit Review

  • Value Proposition Review

  • Business Model Review

In-Depth Analysis:

  • Go-To-Market Analysis

  • Product Analysis

  • Business Strategy Analysis

Business Engineering Design:

  • Business Model Development

  • Software Product Commercialisation

Bureau Services

Mission Director

4-8 hours per week, 3 month duration (minimum)

  • Governance coaching for Angel Investor, VC partner, or other institutional investor

  • Governance coaching for Customer’s Executive Leadership Team

  • Go-To-Market coaching for Marketing and Sales Leads

  • Enterprise Sales coaching for Sales Leader

  • Business Operations coaching for CEO or COO

Flight Controller

4-8 hours per week, 3 month duration (minimum)

  • Marketing Campaign Planning and Execution coaching to Marking and Sales Lead

  • Sales coaching for sales team members

  • Customer Success Coaching for Customer / Account Lead

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