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Powering Your Progress

We thrive in high risk and high uncertainty business environments.

Global venture funding has been decreasing YoY 32-38% since 2021, and is its lowest in 5 years in 2023, down to $285b. Over 90% of tech startups fail: without the help, support, and funding available from startup ecosystems, angels and VCs, we expect that metric to rise until it's almost a solid brick wall.

We started our company to turn that statistic around.

Our first product in the Boost Platform, Growth Velocity Diagnostics, was designed by our team to reduce speed wobbles and stabilise the often frenetic and reactive activities of a startup and scale-up who are trying to everything, everywhere all at once to survive. The baseline and benchmarks from Diagnostics bond evidence with intuition and suggested practical actions entrepreneurial leadership teams can use to navigate their growth better. It is built to provide business competency context with business performance to encourage open, honest and constructive dialogue and partnership among members of the leadership team and the institutional investors who are invited to guide and support their growth.  

Our hope is that ThinkGo and our Boost Platform becomes the de facto business growth accelerator trusted by B2B tech startups and their investors to achieve their early majority market adoption and 10x+ valuation.

Our values

Our team

Our team are former founders and senior leaders of both successful and failed tech based startups, scale-ups, and enterprises. We've translated the lessons learnt from our collective experiences into the Boost programme and products for our clients to navigate their successful business growth.

We are united in helping you gain and maintain sustainable accelerated growth and smashing the fail rate of startups.

We appreciate the membership of our clients, our community of contributors, and our partners / allies who provide us feedback and recommendations on our products, services and operations in order for us to be the company they rely upon to help them accelerate their business growth sustainably.

Our co-contributors

We are incredibly grateful to our amazing crowd of co-contributors for their insight, feedback, ideas and personalities in our products. 

Kate Deen
Stewart Lomax
Neil Andrew
Stephen Dewar

Jason Westland
Marieke Breckwoldt
Jeff Turin
Sage Deen

Stephen Graham
Stephanie May
Scott Elliott

Our origin story

Necessity is the mother of invention.

ThinkGo, the Boost Programme and Growth Velocity Diagnostics were born out of helping fellow founders understand why their subscriptions weren’t firing and how to change that.

The premise behind the solution is simple: be better, grow faster. As business leaders we both know that the execution of that premise is incredibly difficult to implement company wide. Boost will provide a startup with better situational awareness through on-going business diagnostics, advanced business telemetry and automated business navigational aids to enable better strategy execution.

After a year of play-testing and refining features, we have rolled out Growth Velocity Diagnostics as our first product so that any startup leadership team anywhere in the world can self-assess their readiness for accelerated growth, gain insights on why they might be stalled or not growing as fast, and get recommended actions on how to level up and improve. And, track their progress over time.

Business Leader and Strategist, Turn Around Specialist, Surfer

People are the secret to my successes in scaling-up and growing technology oriented start-ups or new business units and ventures. I've been fortunate to work closely with clever, driven, customer-focused people who have shared my drive for continual re-invention and incremental self-improvement applied to our business adventures.  People can achieve incredible things as a team when they bring their talents and mix in mutual support, encouragement, open and honest feedback, grit and determination, aptitude, and adaptability to change. Refining that mix with a dash of inspiration and healthy portions of autonomy, empowerment and purpose is what I've been told I do best. I am hopeful that I'll be able to create the space for growth and accomplishments for future team members joining us at ThinkGo.